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I love this short video from the team at ARC Cancer Support. It explains exactly what services are available at the three ARC Cancer Support Centres in Dublin, free of charge.

I popped into the ARC Centre near St James’s Hospital once during my treatment. I was so frightened by my cancer diagnosis at that time that I couldn’t even get beyond the front door. I spoke to a lovely man very briefly and he told me all about the services they offered. At the time it wasn’t right for me (and ultimately that’s why I started Happy Magazine – as my own therapy), but I do think they offer an incredible service to anyone going through cancer or affected by cancer.

If you visit this page, you can see what events and talks they have coming up at their centres. Over the next few weeks they have six-week courses starting on Living Life, another specifically for women affected by breast cancer called Taking Time to Adjust, they also have a session on Talking to Children about Cancer as well as many different ongoing support groups for men and women and different types and stages of cancer.

ARC also offers a range of complementary therapies free of charge on a one-to-one basis, including:

Acupuncture helps to correct imbalances in the body’s natural energy and life force and can help alleviate the side-effects of cancer treatment.

Manual lymph drainage
Manual lymph drainage is a specialised, gentle type of massage that helps drain the lymph and is an important part of lymphoedema treatment.

Reflexology involves certain pressure points in the feet being massaged to improve symptom control and to produce a state of deep inner relaxation.

Bio-energy healing
Bio-energy healing is a non-invasive therapy that works to clear imbalances through the body’s energy fields.

Metamorphosis uses gentle touch and enables the letting-go of unconscious tension.

Indian head massage
Indian head massage is a deeply relaxing and calming therapy that works on the areas affected by mental and emotional stress.

Wig-fitting services
Wig-fitting services are provided by Roches in our Eccles Street Centre.

For details, contact 01 492 6829. Therapies vary in each centre with some evening appointments available. For more information please telephone one of the centres directly. 65 Eccles Street: 01 830 7333 or 559 South Circular Road: 01 707 8880

As well as all of this, ARC offer other things too! Like Citizens Information sessions, counselling and more. Their website is really worth checking out, here.

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