Would you like to advertise in the first print edition of Happy Magazine?

Plans for the first print edition of Happy Magazine are underway.

As part of this, the first release of available advertising positions for the launch issue are now open for bookings.

The first print edition of Happy Magazine will be printed and distributed in November of this year, and dated December 2018.

Happy Magazine will be the first dedicated cancer support magazine in Ireland.

Initially there are ten ad positions available. The ads are full page ads, A4 size and full colour.

Lock out your competitors

The ten positions are limited to one business type each, for example, one natural skincare company or one wig company only per issue. This is to allow maximum exposure for each brand.

The launch issue will be 56 pages and the print run will be 10,000 copies. The copies will be distributed between the 13 major Irish hospitals proportionately depending on patient numbers.

The launch issue will feature the positive and helpful content that Happy Magazine has become known for online over the last year.

The aim of the magazine will be to reach people who have recently been diagnosed with cancer while they are waiting for treatment at their local hospital and to create a relationship with each person which will then continue online with HappyMagazine.ie.

The magazine will be free of charge and the website will continue to be free of charge.

Advertising rates

Full page ads in the launch issue of Happy Magazine are priced at €500.00 each.

Sidebar ads will continue to be available on HappyMagazine.ie, priced at €250.00 per month to reach our current average audience of 5,000* per month.

Why advertise?

There are more than 165,000 people going through cancer or surviving after cancer in Ireland right now. Every 3 minutes in Ireland someone gets a cancer diagnosis. Incidence of cancer is growing and by 2020, 1 in 2 of us will get a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime. In Ireland an average of 40,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year.**

Facing a cancer diagnosis as a patient or the close friend/family member of one is a very scary and intimidating time. Most people turn to the internet for information on their illness and very quickly find themselves buried in a sea of medical jargon, frightening statistics and worst-case scenarios, all of which adds to, not lessens, the burden.

Many online support resources offer practical advice, which is very relevant and useful, but where Happy Magazine comes in is to offer what they also want to find but can’t seem to – blueprints to survival. So, solutions to all their new health challenges, advice from those who have been there before them, instructions for getting through the challenge of cancer, plans for their new normal and support on how to be happy again.

All of our content is positive and helpful, inspiring and motivating. Happy Magazine is how to live a happy and healthy life after a cancer diagnosis. Regular topics include Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Changes, Natural Hair, Skin, Body and Beauty Products, Recipes & Food, Health & Wellness, Travel, Advice for Getting Through Treatment, Advice from Survivors, Relevant Businesses, Meditations, Complementary Therapies, Home Workouts & Yoga and much more.

If you would like to be a part of the first ever print issue of Happy Magazine, please contact holly@happymagazine.ie today.

*5k average monthly views based on the average of the April, May and June 2018 total monthly views which were 6,492; 4,543 and 3,737 views respectively.

**1 in 2 by 2020 is a projection based on current data provided by the NCRI. It makes allowances for variables such as aging population, lifestyle and other factors and is in line with projections for other countries such as the UK. Data sourced from the National Cancer Registry of Ireland (NCRI).

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