Total Body Yoga – Deep Stretch video from Yoga With Adriene

Yesterday morning after my breakfast I felt a little tense.

My body felt like it needed a good s-t-r-e-t-c-h out in every direction. As soon as I thought this, my next thought was… yoga.

Yoga will fix this!

I got my bottle of water and switched on my DoTerra Petal Diffuser. I got some Frankincense diffusing and my iPad out. Then my mat got rolled out on the living room floor and I found this video from Yoga With Adriene on YouTube…

It was the middle of the morning. I was still in my pyjamas.

My little boy’s toys were all around the room.

He himself decided to set up camp at the top of my yoga mat to watch:

Every time Adriene breathed out deeply in the video, he’d erupt into fits of chuckles, which would then make me laugh, too.

Afterwards I got thinking – it wasn’t the perfect time to do yoga.

But then again, maybe it was.

The beauty of doing yoga at home is this – it’s there for you, whenever you need it. No rushing to yoga studios, no being late for class. No worrying how you look in your leggings or who’s looking at your VPL. No worrying about whether the instructor thinks you’ve got the pose just right. No wondering how long the shivasana at the end is going to last, or why you can’t seem to let go and watch your thoughts pass by like clouds today.

Home yoga is about you. And what you need, right now.

Yoga With Adriene has a yoga video for everything and anything you could possibly need.

And what I needed was some deep body stretching.

It was great.

I took my time and did certain parts of the video over again. I’d stop the video and replay if I particularly liked a stretch and wanted to give it a second go on both sides. I listened to my body. I breathed deeply. I enjoyed the moment.

By the end of the practice I felt decidedly better. I didn’t do the practice perfectly, by any means, I just did what felt good.

Maybe today’s post might inspire you to roll out your mat (or a towel), turn on the video and do the moves that feel right for you?

If you’ve never done yoga before, check out this great post from our contributor Miriam on her Top 10 Reasons to Start Yoga or Ruth’s Gentle Morning Flow home sequence.

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