Styling very short hair – Sarah H on YouTube

There are some great hair styling videos by a girl called Sarah H on YouTube for styling very short hair. Her videos have given me lots of ideas for what to do with my own very short hair since it has been growing back after my treatment.

Sarah H has her hair cut into a very short pixie cut and it’s very neat and easy to manage. If she shows any particular hair products in her videos, she links them in the video details so that you can find them easily for yourself. As many of you know, we prefer natural hair products here at Happy Magazine and we have linked to some of our favourites from Original Sprout on, below.

If you have a wedding to attend in the next couple of months, you might also like to watch Sarah H’s Special Occasion Hairstyles video, below, for some ideas on what could be possible for your hair.

You can visit Sarah H’s YouTube channel here


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