Jane Iredale Eyeshadow Kit Review by Honestly Áine

Today I am delighted to welcome Áine from her blog, Honestly Áine, here to Happy Magazine for the first time. I’ve been loving Áine’s beauty videos since I found her website a few weeks ago.

In this one, she shares her review of the Naturally Matte eyeshadow palette from UK beauty brand Jane Iredale.

We love Jane Iredale products here at Happy Magazine because they’re a clean beauty brand. Here’s a message from Jane Iredale herself from her website…

When I started the line almost 25 years ago now, I was hesitant to describe it as “natural” because I didn’t know how to define that word. What is natural? A handful of earth from my garden? Even that will contain heavy metals and probably some acid rain. Is natural always a good thing? Poison Ivy is natural, so is Nightshade. It made more sense to me to describe our line as “clean.” To me it meant scrubbed of those ingredients that we thought had the potential for harming our skin or our health. Though ingredients play a major role in how we define “clean,” we also believe it is important to be mindful of how we impact the environment and our community.

In this video Áine goes through the palette in terms of pigmentation, application, wear time, packaging and whether she thinks it’s worth the money.

If you’re re-visiting your make-up collection with a critical eye after your cancer diagnosis, we think this palette would make a great investment. Dump all those old eyeshadows and replace them with this – you’ll be sorted for a perfect daytime look.

Warning: You’re going to want to buy one, when you’re done watching. Because we sure do!

For more from Áine, visit her blog, Honestly Áine or find her on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Pinterest or Instagram.

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