How Éminence’s Facial Recovery Oil could be just what you need after treatment

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment can take a heavy toll on your skin. Éminence Organic Skincare have a luxurious and versatile Facial Recovery Oil which might be just what you’re looking for to help repair and rejuvenate your skin during or after cancer treatment.


It’s suitable for women and men of all ages and skin types. It’s a toning and hydrating oil created with precious herbs and nourishing oils to soothe and renew sensitive and ageing skin.

The instructions for use are to add 2-3 drops to the face and neck with circular motions working your way from the centre to the sides of the face.

  • Skin appears deeply nourished and hydrated
  • Skin appears smoother and softer
  • Epidermis appears regenerated, healing is augmented
  • Complexion appears even

Key ingredients

  • Clary Sage Oil: calming; balances oil production
  • Olive Oil: calms and soothes the look of skin while deeply hydrating the skin
  • Sage Leaf Extract: antioxidant; rejuvenates and tones the look of skin
  • Ylang Ylang: cleanser; calming and balancing

7 ways to benefit from Éminence’s Facial Recovery Oil

1. Signs of ageing in the neck area
The hydrating oils of the Éminence Facial Recovery Oil tone and moisturise with pure oils and sage leaf extract, also perfect to give the delicate skin of the neck area a plumped up glow. Regular use directly affects the visible signs of ageing for the neck, especially fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Keratosis Pilarais
Also known as “chicken skin”, these unsightly bumps are hardened protein which builds up in hair follicles often in the arm area. A lack of sebum and fatty acids cause these protein plugs which explains why liberal use of Facial Recovery Oil seems to melt the bumps away.

3. Puffy eyes and crow’s feet

The Éminence Facial Recovery Oil especially benefits the eye area – key ingredients reduce puffiness under the eye and hydrate intensely. Since there are less oil glands around the eyes, the oil delivers the extra moisture needed in this area prone to dryness.

4. Chapped lips
Drop the petroleum-based chapstick and soothe chapped lips with the Facial Recovery Oil. When winter winds arrive again to chafe your lips, the oil will relieve your pucker with a single drop.

5. Dry cuticles
After applying facial oil to your complexion, you can rub the remaining traces into your cuticles as well. It will soften irritated dry cuticles and ensure your nails stay hydrated, healthy and strong.

6. Uneven skin tone

Vitamin E and herbal ingredients in Facial Recovery Oil target the look of uneven skin tone on your cheeks. With regular use, skin appears smoother, more even, and refreshed.

7. Stretch marks and surgical scars

For skin issues like stretch marks and surgical scars, intense moisture from Facial Recovery Oil increases elasticity and improves the look of skin. Also, a key ingredient, clary sage oil, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties for the skin – important qualities when hydrating damaged skin.

Éminence products are hand-crafted using only the finest natural and organic ingredients. Their products are proudly free of parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum and other harsh cosmetic chemicals.

The Facial Recovery Oil is available from for €69.00.

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