Faith, Hope & Cancer documentary – FREE to watch THIS WEEKEND ONLY

The new Faith, Hope & Cancer documentary could be helpful to you. There’s interesting info here, around the importance of faith, diet and mindset in the fight against cancer.

This is the trailer…

My gentle warning is this though – it may not be an easy watch, depending on where you are in your cancer experience. And depending on which route you’ve chosen, i.e. conventional treatment vs. alternative treatments, vs. a combination of the two.

For me, as a breast cancer survivor who took the conventional treatment route (chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy), some of it was a little bit difficult to watch. But. There was also a lot of affirmation about other positive life changes I have made since my diagnosis, especially with regards to food, exercise and hope. All changes which you could make too, if you wanted to.

Here’s a clip that resonated with me…

This movie is not for everyone, but that’s for you to decide.

faith, hope & cancer documentary replay weekend graphic

If you liked the trailer, and think you might like to watch the movie, catch it for for free this weekend here before it’s gone.

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