A meditation for relaxation from The Honest Guys

The day before yesterday I wrote a post about 5 positive changes to make during treatment. The final point was about eliminating stress in your life and discovering yoga, meditation and deep breathing to help with this. Following on from this I thought I would share one of my favourite meditations for relaxation today. This is a meditation from The Honest Guys on YouTube.

It’s about twenty minutes long and it has beautiful wave sounds throughout. I first found this podcast when I was in hospital last summer with a hospital infection after my surgery. I started to listen to meditations late at night when I was trying to fall asleep amongst all the sounds of a busy hospital ward. I’d put my earphones in, my eye mask on and do my best to let go of the day.

This particular meditation helped me to fall asleep on quite a few of those nights. I used to imagine lying on a beach somewhere, under a palm tree and with the waves lapping gently nearby. Total bliss. I hope you might give this a listen if you are finding it hard to fall asleep. Although my usual advice would be not to have your phone with you in your bedroom, sometimes, for example if you are in hospital, there is no option, and in this case, we may as well put it to use for us. If you can though, leave the phone as far away from your head as you can, so you don’t feel tempted to look at it if you wake in the middle of the night, and also to minimise any subliminal wifi disturbance.

If you prefer not to take your phone to bed with you, this meditation is also great for a little afternoon siesta, especially during this warmer weather we are having. Don’t forget the importance of taking some time out for you.

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