Writing a Summer Bucket List

With the beautiful warm weather here in Ireland this week, everyone is wiping down their patio furniture and getting out to enjoy the rays. It’s perfect weather for making wonderful family memories around the BBQ, in the park or at the beach.

With this all in mind, when we came across the Summer Bucket List printable from A Beautiful Mess this week, we knew we just had to share it with you. It’s a great way to spend twenty minutes, thinking about what you’d like to do this summer.

Things on my Summer Bucket List this year include:

  • Having lots of BBQs
  • Showing my little boy the waves at the beach
  • Picnicking in the park
  • Making lots of fresh salads and garlic bread
  • Making frozen lollies
  • Blowing bubbles for my little boy
  • Buying (and wearing!) a pretty summer dress
  • Making homemade hot dogs
  • Making homemade lemonade with lots of ice
  • Spring-cleaning the entire house until it’s gleaming
  • Polishing the front door
  • Going for a swim in the sea
  • Watching a sunset
  • Smelling the rain (when it comes back!)
  • Driving with all the windows down and the breeze blowing in my hair
  • Having a lazy afternoon snooze in the sun
  • Buying cute summer clothes for my little boy
  • Going for an evening walk on the pier in Howth and buying fish and chips for an outdoor dinner
  • Blowing dandelions with my little boy
  • Buying a new pair of sunglasses
  • Wearing no makeup more often
  • Opening up all the windows and doors to cool the house
  • Planting and watering flowers
  • Doing an outdoor yoga class
  • Painting my toes
  • Reading a magazine in the park
  • Baring my legs more often
  • Getting some sun on my legs
  • Walking barefoot in the grass or on the beach
  • Continuing to find joy in every day

I hope I might have inspired you! Will you print a list for yourself and write down your Summer Bucket List? What would be on it? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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