Willow Cottage 100% Natural Essential Oil Soaps

A few weeks ago we were down in County Wexford for a little holiday. While we were there we visited Wells House & Gardens and I spent a very enjoyable half hour browsing the lovely shops in their Craft Courtyard. One of the shops was Willow Cottage, selling 100% natural skincare. I bought a couple of their beautiful smelling soaps and a bath bomb and really looked forward to trying them out when we got home.

Since then I have used both soaps and I can report that they were both just delightful. So lovely, in fact, that I’ve currently got their website open to buy more!

After my cancer experience I switched to an unscented shower gel with no harmful chemicals and while it left me feeling clean, I really missed the experience of lathering up with a really great-smelling soap. These Willow Cottage soaps have brought back a little bit of luxury to my daily shower – a small thing that has made me very happy!

The two soaps I bought were the Rose and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Soap and the Tea Tree and Oatmeal Essential Oil Soap. Both of them smelled incredible and filled my little shower room with their scent not only during my shower but even all day too.

I left the soaps in their little organza bags as instructed by Willow Cottage, and washed through the bag. Initially I thought this was going to be a little strange but in fact it was great – the soaps lathered very nicely through the bag and the bag provided a pleasant little bit of an exfoliating effect. The soaps leave your skin feeling clean and fresh and the scents – oh the scents! Are just too wonderful for words. If you love essential oils, you will love these soaps.

I haven’t tried the bath bomb yet but as soon as I do I’ll be sure to let you all know what it’s like.

If you’d like to check out the Willow Cottage soaps, you can visit their website here

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  1. Caroline
    18 June, 2018 / 6:39 am

    Voya do a lovely shower gel all natural

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