Vegan Dublin Food Tours

Oooh… I’m always on the lookout now for vegan food while I’m out and about in Dublin. While I still eat real butter, I have given up cow’s milk, yogurt and cheese as part of my personal anti-cancer plan. This makes eating out particularly difficult as most conventional restaurant offerings include at least one of these ingredients. While vegetarian and vegan dishes are starting to receive a little more care and attention from restaurant chefs, there is still improvement to be done.

I also love to explore Dublin and indeed other places in Ireland on the weekend with my family. So when I spotted the Vegan Dublin Food Tours on Facebook, I was instantly intrigued.

The Vegan Dublin Food Tours are a fun culinary adventure to some of Dublin’s best vegan hotspots with a friendly vegan tour guide. Tours last three and a half hours and include enough food, desserts and drinks to feed very hungry tummys! Each tour has six stops at vegan venues and additional stops at interesting sights along the way.

The walking tours are a great way to discover and sample some of Dublin’s best vegan menus. There are three tours per week – Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. This may not be suitable for you if you are currently going through chemo (total walking time is approx. 30-50 minutes, with 6 stops throughout. Seating will be available at most of the locations. Total walking distance is approximately 3-4 km) but it could be a nice plan for when you’re on a break from treatment or recovering after treatment. It certainly looks like a few hours of tasty fun and a great way to try out vegan food at various spots around the city.

If this sounds like an outing you think you might enjoy, you can find out more on the Vegan in Ireland website here

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