Coconut aminos – A healthy alternative to soy sauce

Soy sauce – a condiment called for in so many recipes! If you love stir-fries, teriyaki dishes or anything with a big Asian flavour, no doubt it’s using soy sauce for that distinctive taste.

If you have had a hormone-positive cancer though, you may be trying to avoid soy products and soy sauce.

If you are, there’s some good news on a healthy alternative to soy sauce called coconut aminos. Read all about coconut aminos as a health replacement for soy sauce in this article from the Dr. Axe website.

According to their writer, the taste of coconut aminos doesn’t pack quite the salty punch of soy sauce, but it’s rich combination of sweet and savoury does make a satisfying alternative.

Convinced? You can buy coconut aminos in most good health stores in Ireland, including Holland & Barrett and Nourish but the best price we’ve seen is online from iHerb.

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