Cancer massage treatments from the Touch Therapy Centre

We are delighted to introduce another contributor to Happy Magazine today. Caroline Warren is a Massage Therapist specialising in Oncology Massage and a cancer survivor with a remarkable story – beating cancer twice – breast cancer as well as leukaemia! Her business is the Touch Therapy Centre in Douglas Village, Co Cork. Caroline will be joining us on a regular basis with posts but before that happens, we’d like to tell you all about her beautiful therapy centre.

The Touch Therapy Centre offers a range of specialised therapeutic and oncology massage treatments in a safe, comforting environment to those who are going through serious illness or dealing with trauma in their lives.

Established by Caroline, a fully qualified and insured massage therapist specialising in Therapeutic and Oncology Massage, Touch Therapy provides gentle massage to help alleviate discomfort, soothe compromised skin and help decrease stress levels. Caroline utilises luxurious skincare products that have been specially produced for those with compromised skin or who are suffering from the effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.

“Having battled cancer twice myself, I understand the need for gentle touch and care when undergoing such aggressive treatment. I aim to provide people going through cancer and indeed anyone with their own health issues, relief and a little time out from the hamster wheel of treatments, hospital visits and doctor appointments. In doing so I help provide relief from some of the nasty side effects that treatment can bring. I set up this centre to create an environment that is tranquil and comforting, and above all else, understanding.” Caroline Warren

Many patients going through serious illnesses such as cancer may expect to lose their hair or feel ill during cancer treatment but many do not expect to develop sensitive, sore and irritated skin, or to lose their nails or develop stiffness in the joints.

Touch Therapy through gentle, light massage can help alleviate some of these conditions, soothe compromised skin and help decrease the associate stress levels and as a result help boost the immune system and aim to promote better sleep patterns.

About Caroline

Caroline Warren, founder of the centre, has a BA degree from UCC with training in therapeutic massage from the Natural Healing Centre.

Caroline has also been trained in Oncology Massage by Christine Clinton, a renowned instructor from Christine Clinton Cancer Care in Philadelphia, USA.

Caroline has also trained with the Jennifer Young Oncology Programme and has received a postgraduate diploma in the following therapies:

  • Oncology Massage
  • Oncology Holistic Facial
  • Oncology Rejeuvenating and Lifting Oncology Facials
  • Oncology Scalp Treatment
  • Oncology Indian Head Massage

Along with this, Caroline attended the Touch Therapy Programme by Gayle MacDonald MS, LMT author of ‘Medicine Hands.’

We love that as a cancer survivor herself, Caroline understands all the issues that go hand-in-hand with providing a service to someone going through cancer – for example concerns around hygiene when a client may be at risk of infection due to low blood counts after chemo treatments. After every client, every surface is hygienically cleaned, all towels freshly replaced and all lotions kept to the highest of hygiene standards.

The Touch Therapy Centre is also approved by Aviva, GloHealth, Laya Healthcare and Vhi Healthcare for Massage Therapy.

The Touch Therapy Centre is located at the SiRona Clinic, 27 West Douglas Street, Douglas Village, Co Cork. To find out more or make a booking, visit the Touch Therapy Centre website here.

If you are currently going through cancer treatment, please note – Caroline does request that you check with your medical team whether a massage would be suitable for you and that you get them to sign a consent form (available on her website) in advance of your treatment.

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