Browtique’s Wigs Appeal – Can you help?

We came across Olive of Browtique’s new initiative this week and just had to share it with you. It’s a fantastic idea. Olive is appealing to anyone who has a wig or headwear at home that they no longer need to pass it on to someone else using her new Wig Bank in Browtique called Angels at Browtique.

We’ve mentioned Browtique before here on Happy Magazine in this post all about eyebrows and microblading, and we just love her dedication to her work and her clients who are going through cancer. You can follow Olive on Instagram to see regular updates all about her brow microblading services. About 70% of Olive’s brow clients are women going through cancer.

Olive is collecting used wigs, scarves, bandanas, soft hats, etc donated from post-chemotherapy clients who are finished with their head accessories to pass on to someone else. With wigs costing clients anything from €600 to €3k depending on the quality, not everyone going through cancer can afford a second wig, and most only have one throughout the journey. Here at Happy Magazine we have heard so many stories too of women spending money on wigs that they don’t even end up wearing for one reason or another. Olive has the perfect client base to know who would happily receive these items that may no longer be wanted.

The aim of Angels at Browtique

The aim of Angels at Browtique is to give a helping hand to clients who could do with a spare wig or other head gear to help make their cancer journey a tiny bit more tolerable.

Can you help?

If you’d like to help, this is what Olive asks. When you are finished with your wigs, accessories, hats, etc – place each item into a separate zip lock plastic bag, and mail it to Olive. She will find a deserving home for it, that’s her promise. If you pop your name and address in the bag too, that will allow your recipient to get in touch if they wish, but that is entirely optional. If you prefer not to hear from them, do not enclose your details.

Ideally if the wig or headwear was washed and ready to go, that’s great. If not, fear not! Olive can attend to this before she offers it to a recipient – just put a note into each item needing washing to let her know. Olive would prefer to have the items unwashed, to have a supply, rather than have nothing at all.

So, where do you mail the items to?

If you are happy to donate your wig/headwear, mail it to:

Browtique, Solace Center
Grainstore, Clarke Street, Clonakilty
Co Cork, P85W212

If you want to take part but are strapped for time to arrange postage, you can even pop Olive an email and she will send out a postage mailbag with the price of the postage to you to make it all the easier.

If your old wig is just sitting around taking up space, Olive will find a home for it.

A message from Olive

On behalf of the recipients, I am in gratitude to your kindness in advance.
Browtique is just a conduit and facility to allow this kindness to move through us.
No financial reward is gained by us and there is no pressure on you to donate.

Please feel free to share this post to alert others to this wonderful initiative.

If you’d like to find out more about Olive and her brow microblading services, you can visit her website here.

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