The Power of the Subconscious Mind – Psychologist Gerry Hussey speaking at WellFest this weekend

This weekend we packed all our camera gear and headed to the Royal Hospital Kilmainham for this year’s epic WellFest event. And boy, we sure weren’t disappointed.

We had plans to cover the WellYoga, WellSoul and WellTalk stages but in the end, we ended up predominantly in one tent and one tent only – the WellMind tent. With an amazing range of speakers and hosted by the very inspiring performance psychologist Gerry Hussey (can we also say, proudly, he is a contributor here at Happy Magazine – check out this article), we ended up spending most of the weekend in the cool shade of this tent, listening to all things mind and wellbeing related.

This week on Happy Magazine we will be bringing you the very best bits from the WellMind tent and we really hope you will stop by to take a look. The speakers all had so much insight and helpful information to share, and all of it was so relevant on so many levels, to all of us, but also so relevant to anyone facing a difficult mental or physical challenge and/or, as many of us are, a cancer diagnosis.

Today we’re starting with a clip from one of Gerry Hussey’s talks, titled The Power of the Subconscious Mind. In this clip Gerry talks about how, as humans, we tend to focus on the things that we can see, or the things that other people can see, rather than things like our minds and our thoughts, which we cannot see. He talks about “dis-ease” or the lack of ease in the body and how this can manifest as illnesses or ailments, your energy and how it has the ability to attract things into your life, how to change your unconscious mind to work for you instead of against you by utilising visualisations and positive affirmations and the importance of investing your time and energy into creating the life you want for yourself. There are some powerful messages in here that I think every one of us can benefit from hearing.

Stop! And listen to just one thing today – THIS video from Gerry Hussey at WellFest this weekend…


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