5 ways to use essential oils in your daily life

A couple of Happy Magazine readers have been in touch with me asking if and how I use essential oils in my daily life. I am new to essential oils but growing to love them more and more as time goes on. I recently purchased a doTerra Family Wellness Kit from our contributor here on Happy Magazine, Lorna McCormack. She also had a call with me to explain how to get started with my oils and also how to tackle my family’s top 3 health concerns with oils. So we have been going from there and it’s been great so far. This is what I’ve been doing…

Diffusing oils

If you are a regular reader here on Happy Magazine, you will know I love diffusing oils in the house with my doTerra Petal Diffuser. I really feel it makes a difference to my own mood, as well as that of my little boy and maybe even my husband too. I like to start the diffuser going in the morning after we’ve had breakfast. My husband heads off to work and we (my son and I), tidy up the kitchen and living room and do some chores. I like to put music on for this too, and usually a few drops of Frankincense oil in my diffuser. I love the smell of the Frankincense oil – it’s very pleasant and it makes me relax and ‘let my shoulders down’ as I like to call it. Frankincense is known for it’s anti-stress (and anti-cancer) properties, as well as for encouraging wellbeing and healing. All of which we need after a cancer experience! If I’m not diffusing Frankincense, I might do three drops each of Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon as this makes a lovely fresh, Spring-y scent and seems to lift our moods.

Diluting oils in water

With the warmer weather here now, my next best thing to do with my oils is to put a couple of drops into my glass water bottle every morning. I fill this bottle up every morning with cold, filtered water from a tap in our kitchen. I add two drops of Lemon essential oil or Peppermint essential oil and it really makes a tasty addition to my water, as well as having health benefits. The doTerra oils are extremely high-quality, pure essential oils made from plants, with absolutely no additives, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Applying PastTense Tension Blend

If I am feeling particularly anxious or stressy, I get out my essential oils kit and find the PastTense Tension Blend roller ball bottle. PastTense is a distinctive blend of essential oils known to help provide grounding and balanced emotions. Known for their soothing effects on both the mind and body, the essential oils in PastTense quickly promote feelings of relaxation and calm emotions. I roll on a little on the back of my neck and I continue with my day. The calming scent fills my head and soon I start to feel calmer. I really like this one as it can also go in my handbag for trips to the hospital for check-ups/scans etc. Whatever helps, right?

Applying oils to my skin

I have only applied two oils directly to my skin so far. They are – Frankincense, which I apply to my surgery scar every now and then, and Melaleuca (or Tea Tree) oil, which I apply directly to post-chemo blemishes on my face and neck. I absolutely love the scent of both and feel that either one also has a wonderfully calming effect if you apply it before you go to sleep. The Melaleuca is my current favourite and I am hooked on applying even just one drop so I can breathe it in when my head is on the pillow and I’m falling asleep.

On Guard essential oil

This one gets it’s own special mention. As one of doTERRA’s most popular oils, doTERRA On Guard is a powerful proprietary blend that supports healthy immune function and contains cleansing properties. It can be used on an ongoing basis to help keep colds and flus at bay and I just love that idea. I have not used this oil yet on my little boy but imagine it will become a firm family favourite when the cold and flu bugs start circulating once more later in the year. You can also diffuse OnGuard in the diffuser to spread it’s effectiveness through your home.

So this is how I am using my oils so far. I hope you found it interesting! If you like this post, I will do another when I get a little more familiar with my oils, just let me know in the comments below.

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