Using affirmations to feel more positive

Happy Monday everyone! Another week here, how will you be spending it?

There was a very positive reaction to my post a few days ago on my Wellbeing Mantra or use of positive affirmations to replace negative thinking, so I thought today I might share these three great videos from The Honest Guys on YouTube.

This series of 3 videos will introduce you to the powerful concept of affirmations and help you to become accustomed to using them effectively. It’s very similar to what I was talking about, so if you liked that post I think you’ll really like these videos too.

Isn’t the internet wonderful? We have so many amazing resources at our fingertips. Please let us know in the comments if you find these videos useful. We have shared some of the Honest Guys meditation videos before here on Happy Magazine (we love them – they are an absolutely amazing way to fall asleep) but these affirmation videos are new to us and we think they’re just great. We hope you enjoy them.

Affirmations are especially powerful when done in the morning, before starting your day – so if it’s still early where you are, why not get started on the first video here right away?

If you liked these videos, you can subscribe to The Honest Guys on YouTube here.

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