Help us create a “Wall of Strength” on Happy Magazine

Over the last few days I have been receiving messages of encouragement from fellow cancer survivors around the country who read my story and what I’m trying to do with Happy Magazine on​ over the weekend. These messages give me great strength, not only to keep going with Happy Magazine but also for my own cancer experience.

I was discussing this with my amazing mom today (she is also a breast cancer survivor) and she came up with a wonderful idea – to start an online ‘Wall of Strength’ on Happy Magazine – photos of cancer survivors from around Ireland – as a powerful message of COURAGE, HOPE and STRENGTH for everyone currently fighting cancer.

If you are a cancer survivor, 1 year on, 5 years on or maybe 20 years on, we’d love you to be a part of our new WALL OF STRENGTH page by sending us a photo of you and, if you like, brief details of your story of survival. We will put them all together in a beautiful collage and host it on this dedicated page on Happy Magazine and update it regularly as more people join.

If you’d like to take part, please email your details to

Please note – we will NOT share your photo with any third parties, but we ARE asking for your permission to post your image on this new ‘Wall of Strength’ page on our website.

Please SHARE with anyone you know who might like to be a part of this.

Thank you all!

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