Great websites: Mastect Expect

Mastect Expect is an excellent website offering first-hand advice on what to expect from a mastectomy.

Written by Sarah, Mastect Expect offers real life advice – like how to wash your armpits when you can’t use your arms properly and your new brick-like boobies are in the way. It covers the questions people may have in their heads but are too embarrassed to ask or situations that they had not even thought about.

Mastect Expect is down to earth in its approach but also discusses the hard times with the psychological and physical aspects of having a mastectomy.

Mastect Expect is split into 3 main areas – before, during and after. The aim is to help as many people as possible on whatever stage of the journey they are on with their mastectomy. Sarah has included photographs from her own experience to help when people are curious. She believes it is one thing to read about something, but you can sometimes learn or ease anxiety more from a photograph. Photographs range from what the drains may look like, what scars are like and then the simple elements like what you should pack for your surgery.

It is an easily accessible site for all, with the aim of helping people going on the journey but also educating those who know someone going through this process. Sarah says on the site:

“I understand that it is a scary thought and at the start I felt alone with a weight on my shoulders that I did not feel strong enough to carry. However, when I started to understand the reasons of why I was doing this and the more knowledgable I became about the procedure, the worries and stress started to disappear. That is why I want to help people help themselves by creating awareness about mastectomies.”

Mastect Expect has a private email ( for those that wish to ask questions that are more personal. Sarah also communicates with many through social media direct messages.

The Mastect Expect blog page is kept up to date with developments, words of advice and new personal experiences. Including blog posts like Sarah’s ‘nipple shopping experience’ – not something you will read about every day! Sarah also keeps the @mastectexpect social media pages (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) up to date with new advice, reminders, things to buy and support for charities.

Mastect Expect continues to support people all over world and is committed to reaching and helping all those on their mastectomy journey.

Visit Mastect Expect here.

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