Pukka Herbs Wellbeing Kits

Pukka Herbs are coming up with some innovative new products. We spotted their new 7-day wellbeing kits online recently and they grabbed our interest.

There are currently four 7-day wellbeing kits available – Night Time, Turmeric Brainwave, Seasonal Wellness and Relax.

Night Time aims to improve your quality of sleep and help you wake feeling fresh and more energised.

Turmeric Brainwave has been formulated to help boost your concentration and clarity.

Seasonal Wellness aims to help your body cope with seasonal changes.

Relax has been created to invite a slower, more balanced way of being into your life.

Each kit includes a week’s supply of teas and an ayurvedic/herbal supplement, as well as a wellbeing guide full of tips on how to get the most out of your week of wellness. There are also additional resources like yoga poses and hypnotherapy on each kit’s page on the Pukka Herbs website.

We like the idea of these kits – anything that helps us to focus on our wellbeing – mentally, emotionally, physically – is worth trying, we think!

We’ve added each of the four kits to the Happy Magazine Shop – if you do buy one, we will receive a small commission from the sale from Amazon.co.uk but this will not cost you anything. 

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