Happy Magazine Shop Now Open

Over the last few days we’ve been working really hard on opening a Happy Magazine Shop. It’s an online portal for carefully chosen products for people going through cancer. You’ll find all the products we have mentioned on Happy Magazine since we started and many, many more.

All the products on the site are carefully chosen. The beauty, skincare and hair products are all natural and non-toxic with no harmful chemicals or parabens. The books are all helpful or positive and the gifts, stationery and hobbies collections have all been created to encourage all areas of health and wellbeing.

We think you’ll find plenty of ideas of gifts or comfort supplies for yourself or for your friends or family members who may be going through cancer. There are almost 200 products in the Shop today and we will continue to add collections and products every day, so please keep checking to see what’s new.

The Happy Magazine Shop is enabled by Amazon.co.uk‘s Affiliates Program. This means that should you purchase anything through the shop, Happy Magazine will receive a small commission from the sale, paid to us by Amazon. This is at no cost to you. We’ll be using this money to make Happy Magazine even better for our readers and also to help fund our big goal – the printing of Happy Magazine into a print magazine for distribution to all the cancer treatment and support centres in Ireland.

We really hope you like the Shop and find it a helpful and fun addition to the Happy Magazine brand. If there are any particular products you’d like to see in the Shop, please let us know in the comments below or by sending an email to holly@happymagazine.ie

Visit the Happy Magazine Shop here.

Happy shopping!

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