Dairy-free chocolate!

Yes, you read right – dairy-free chocolate is here folks, and it tastes GREAT. 

Nobó Choc is a creamy, indulgent, milk-style chocolate made from simple plant-based ingredients and without dairy or refined sugar. Coconut and cashew nuts create creaminess and replace the milk while raw unrefined coconut sugar gives sweetness without the high glycemic load.

Nobó is a family-owned business started by husband and wife team Brian and Rachel Nolan. They began Nobó with the aim of creating the most delicious foods in the purest way possible. Taking a few simple whole-food ingredients and blending them to create treats that are naturally dairy and gluten free, and don’t contain any additives gums or stabilisers.

All of the products made at Nobó are handmade in Ireland in small batches, by real people.

If you’re giving up dairy, as many do after a cancer journey, but can’t bear to live without your chocolate, this is the treat for you. We tried the Nobó Mint Crunch chocolate today and damn, it’s TASTY – think really creamy, deliciously rich, high quality chocolate and you’re just about there – it’s even better.

Check out the Nobó website (and where to pick up some in your area) here.

PS. Nobó also make dairy-free ice cream but in the interest of full disclosure, we’ll have to cover that in a separate, detailed post 😉

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