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Happy Sunday everyone. We hope you’re feeling well and positive wherever you are. Happy Magazine helps us feel positive every day – we hope it’s helping you too. Today we’re sharing some of the most read articles here on Happy Magazine so far.

How a great morning routine can change your life

Back in September Miriam Kerins Hussey wrote a beautiful article for us on how having a great morning routine can bring calmness and balance into your life. Miriam is a qualified pharmacist with a huge passion for holistic health and wellbeing. Her passion has led her to train as an Integrated Wellness and Nutritional Coach as well as a Yoga instructor and Holistic Healing Practitioner.

Life After Cancer – Regaining Choice and Control

Niamh Gaffney, a breast cancer survivor and now a professional life coach, gave a workshop last year at the 2017 National Cancer Survivorship Conference on Life After Cancer: Regaining Choice and Control. She then shared her insights on moving forward with your life after your cancer treatment is over with us in this article.

Fighting cancer with an Anti-Cancer plan – Interview with Domini Kemp

Here at Happy Magazine one of our main aims is to encourage all people going through cancer to create an Anti-Cancer Plan – that is a plan of lifestyle changes, big or small, to best support their individual body through cancer and beyond. Most of our content follows this theme and suggests ideas that you might want to try on your own cancer journey. Back in October we had an interview with chef, food writer and author Domini Kemp, sharing her cancer story and the details of her own Anti-Cancer Plan.

How to be happy in an ‘inside out’ world 

We were delighted to attend the Fresh Resolutions event at the start of this year in the RDS. Our favourite speech from the day was from Alison Canavan and we wrote a detailed post about her insights on how to be happy in an ‘inside out’ world here. The message that really resonated with us was when Alison talked about love being the most powerful energy.

The 10 great life lessons cancer has taught me

We came across this article back in December and knew we just had to get permission to re-publish it here for you. We feel it’s a game-changer, maybe even a life-changer. It’s an article that had us nodding and sighing with agreement and understanding while we read it. It embodies so much of what we feel we are learning everyday here at Happy Magazine. The author, Liam Ryan, was delighted to let us re-publish this piece.

How a plant-based diet could make you healthier and happier

Ciara Doran, a stay-at-home mum with a big passion for all things natural and chemical-free, started writing for us a few weeks ago with this article about the possible health and happiness benefits of moving to a more or a complete plant-based diet.


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