5 ways to look better after cancer treatment

Cancer treatment can leave you feeling exhausted and way past your best. Shaggy hair, dry skin and broken nails are just a few things you can address to start looking (and feeling) better…

1. Get a haircut
If your hair is growing back and it’s feeling shaggy and unruly, getting a haircut will help you feel better about the new you. Even if there isn’t that much to cut, any good hair salon will leave you feeling refreshed and presentable once more.

2. Treat your skin
Chemotherapy can take quite a toll on the skin of your hands and feet. Treat yourself to a luxurious hand cream like this enriching one from Dublin Herbalists and a cooling foot cream like this one from Green Angel and apply them regularly. A good way to remember to use your creams is to build them into your daily routine – apply hand cream in the morning and foot cream at night.

3. Take care of your nails
Neat and tidy nails are another way to help yourself feel better during or after cancer treatment. Manicured nails will make you feel groomed and in control. This goes for men too. Ladies – avoid harmful nail polishes and instead opt for a luxurious hand cream treatment and a good file and shape.

4. Have a bath
Who doesn’t feel better after a bath? You might say it won’t help you look better, but we think it will – relaxing in a bath (bubbles optional) will help you unwind and forget the stresses of your treatment days. And a happier, more relaxed you will ultimately look better too.

5. Do the little things you enjoy
Go for a little stroll and have a cuppa at your favourite coffee shop. Put your phone away and just enjoy the simple pleasure of time to yourself and a hot drink. Small joys like this are vital to regaining your control and enjoyment of life. Go do!

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