5 tips for a gentle coffee break

Sometimes something as simple as a tea or coffee break can bring you a bit of peace and joy, especially if you’re finding your days rushed or difficult. At home, at work or at your local coffee shop, there can be something really special in making time to sit down and take a break for yourself, if you let it.

I love walking down to my local coffee shop, especially now during these cold but brighter days, and ordering my favourite coffee. This got me thinking about writing a post here on coffee moments, and tips on how to make the most of such a simple pleasure – yes, really! Modern life has come to this…

1. Put your phone away
This is my most important tip. Do you even taste your cuppa if you’re scrolling through Facebook at the same time as you’re drinking it? Probably not – your mind is elsewhere. Put your phone away and make a conscious effort to just enjoy the present moment.

2. Choose your seat carefully
Pick a bright window seat for your coffee moment or a vantage point that gives you a great view over the room. Enjoy a spot of people watching and imagine what each person’s life is like. Really notice people – how they walk, how they talk, what they’re doing – do they look healthy and well, do they look stressed and rushed, what can you learn from them?

3. Really taste your cuppa
Enjoy each and every sip of your coffee. Really taste it, really enjoy it’s warmth and it’s flavour. Thank yourself for taking time out of your day for you, to just be.

4. Relax and take your time
Don’t rush. Make your movements slow and deliberate, savour your coffee and enjoy the peace of just relaxing and enjoying a warm drink. Let your break come to it’s own natural conclusion.

5. Let your mind wander
Go where your thoughts take you, listen to them as they pass through your mind. Observe them as though a passer-by. Don’t worry about them, don’t get hung up on any one thing, just go where they take you. You might be surprised what you hear.

Now, is it time for coffee?

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