What I Eat In A Day

I’ve seen these ‘What I Eat In A Day’ posts all over the internet lately and I must admit, I’m always a little curious to see what other people are eating! So I thought I might share what food I eat on a typical day in the life of someone recovering from cancer, for those of you who might be interested…


I usually start my day with a hot cup of ordinary tea with Almond Dream Almond & Rice Milk, no sugar, and a homemade oat square (either one of these from Deliciously Ella or one of the above breakfast cookies from the latest issue of Naturally Good Health magazine). I have cut cow’s milk, cheese and yoghurt from my diet as part of my anti-cancer plan and now take a calcium supplement.

Next up after that is a bowl of cereal. I am loving Nutri-Brex at the moment. Nutri-Brex are like Weetabix, but they are gluten-free and made primarily from an ancient grain called sorghum. They are flavoured with coconut and cinnamon and taste great. I like it as a breakfast option as I’m trying to keep gluten very low in my diet as I have a gluten-intolerance. I usually top two Nutri-Brex with a generous pour of almond milk, a peeled and chopped up apple, a tablespoon of Helen’s Breakfast Seed Topping linseed mix and some raisins. It’s delicious, really – it doesn’t feel like a healthy breakfast but it is – and it’s gluten-free, dairy-free and gets in my daily linseed fix – great for helping to prevent a cancer recurrence.

Mid-morning snack

Around the middle of the morning I am usually out getting my daily exercise. This usually involves a long walk with my toddler in his stroller to our local shopping complex. Sometimes we pop into Starbucks for a single-shot almond milk cappuccino (a treat – yum!) or we buy a fresh green juice from our Supervalu’s fresh juicing bar. I always bring my large water bottle with me and drink as much water as possible while walking. If I’m at home, my mid-morning snack is usually a home-baked oat square and at the moment I am trying out My Organic’s Wheatgrass Shots – defrosted from the freezer.


Lunch is usually a bowl of soup, either homemade or from The Happy Pear range. Usually I have a slice or two of spelt bread (not gluten-free, but low in wheat) or Kelkin’s Gluten-Free Brown Bread topped with either smoked salmon paté or tuna/sardine/boiled egg and mayo, or sometimes almond butter, spinach leaves and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. I usually have a cup of green tea with my lunch too.


Dinner can be a trickier affair, my husband is a typical Irish male who loves a good meat dinner. Lately we make separate dinners (not cost effective) but we do try to make enough of each dinner for two nights, either for the next night or to freeze for another night. I like to try eat vegetarian two or three nights a week – either a bean curry, pad thai noodles, pesto (parmesan-free) spaghetti or fish and veg, whereas my husband is likely to have a chicken curry, beef tacos, a beef stew or meat and veg. When we do eat the same meal, usually later in the week, I like to make it something with a lean meat like chicken (free-range) or organic beef mince.

After dinner

Sometimes a plant-based dinner might leave me feeling still a little hungry. In this case I will have another homemade oat square and a cup of herbal tea or a Turmerlicious latte. As I try eat as little refined sugar as possible, a really big treat for me might be a single dark chocolate from Butlers.

And that’s it – a typical day of what I eat! This is my usual weekday diet, I do splash out (a little) on the weekend if I want to – my thoughts are, if you can eat clean and healthy 80% of the time, you’re doing great. Let me know on Facebook if you enjoyed this post and you’d like to see more of this kind of content on Happy Magazine.

Holly Kennedy, Editor, Happy Magazine


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