Tackling cancer fears

The hardest part of cancer for me so far has not been the chemotherapy, side effects or hospital visits. The hardest part has been the fear. Fear of not surviving, fear of the statistics, fear of my cancer coming back.

A day has not gone by since my diagnosis (over a year ago now) where I have not thought a scary thought or doubted my body’s ability to heal. Negative thoughts are inevitable, but they don’t have to control us and they don’t mean we are losing the battle.

For me, taking charge of my nutrition, creating my own anti-cancer plan, writing this website and making sure I get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day have been the positive forces that have helped me fight my cancer fears.

The answers are all around us, if we open our hearts and minds to them. Yes, it is a daily mission, but it is Mission Possible.

Infographic from Breast Cancer Ireland.

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