Releasing fear meditation

Today we’re bringing you another beautiful meditation from Grainne of Reiki Healing From Within. Grainne has just come onboard as a regular contributor here on Happy Magazine and we couldn’t be more delighted. Grainne will be bringing you calming meditations like this one on a regular basis, subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a single post.

Grainne’s meditation today is about releasing fear and it is about twenty minutes long. We hope you decide to take some time out today just for you, to listen to this, to listen to yourself, to listen to your body.

For some reason we can’t get this video to show the right way up, hopefully if you’re viewing this on your phone you can turn your phone to view it correctly, otherwise, close your eyes and just listen to the sound of Grainne’s voice – you don’t need to see the screen to enjoy this meditation.

For more on Grainne and her experience as a holistic therapist, click here.


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