Pat Divilly on living life ‘in love’

We’ve been bringing you the best bits from the recent Fresh Resolutions event here on Happy Magazine over the last couple of weeks. We’ve already covered Alison Canavan’s great opening speech on How to be happy in an inside out world and The Happy Pear’s Recipe for Happiness talk. Today we want to tell you all about what Pat Divilly had to tell us.

In case you haven’t heard of Pat before, he is a best selling author, corporate speaker, world traveler and high performance coach. Over the last five years he has emerged as one of Ireland’s best young entrepreneurs helping clients all over the world achieve success in both the weight loss and personal development space through his online training courses and best selling books.

Pat talked to the audience about one core concept – living in fear or living in love. It sounds a bit strange perhaps but what he was talking about was taking time to be honest with yourself and getting to the core of your life and how you live. Do you live your life from a place of fear – fear of making decisions, fear of the unknown, fear of the future – or do you live it from a place of love – love of your life, love of your goals, love of the future and it’s possibilities? We loved this idea – that really life can be so simply distilled down to this concept. We wanted to know more.

Pat went on to talk about how to successfully make changes in your life – be more healthy – get that dream job – lose that weight – whatever it is that you’re after. He talked about life being the journey to achieving those goals and not just about the destination. It made us think of this quote which we’ve seen many times on social media –

He talked about finding a compromise between feeling and being grateful in your life and moving forward. He asked us all to take time out to journal – asking us to rate ourselves on a scale of 1-10 in three main areas – Health, Relationships and Work. He asked us to be honest, and stick to the facts. He talked about the idea that most of us need to stop listening to ourselves and all our negative self-talk – and instead start talking to ourselves – pushing us forward with our internal dialogue in the direction we want to go.

Pat asked us to think of ‘mini wins’ that we’ve had in each area – health, relationships and work – and asked us to write down why they were relevant, how we could build on them and what one immediate action step would be to move towards another mini-win in the same area. Pat talks about this strategy in the following video from his 28 Day Success Fast Track Series too and we love it – it’s such a great exercise to do – a real way to find and achieve changes in your life –

Finally, Pat talked about the fact that if we really want to make real and lasting changes in our lives, if we really want to move forward to achieving a goal or a number of goals, a great way to start is by setting three action steps every day towards that goal. Just three small steps that will bring us closer to achieving what it is that we truly want. That over time, three steps per day makes 1000 steps in a year – 1000 steps closer to where you want to be. He also reminded us though, not to forget that the journey to our goals is as important, if not more important, than the destination we are trying to reach. He urged us all to find joy in every day, and to live in love and not fear.

Thank you, Pat – we loved your talk and we love your video above too. You really inspire us here at Happy Magazine and we hope he will inspire all of you too.

Find out more about Pat on his website,


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