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Have you come across Ocean Bloom? We found the brand recently through social media and we were immediately drawn to it – natural, organic skincare is right up our street here at Happy Magazine HQ. Based out of the beautiful Beara Peninsular in West Cork, Ocean Bloom’s natural skincare products contain seaweed extract and infusions made from seaweed gathered from the clear and pure Atlantic waters that surround the Beara shores.

The Ocean Bloom range blends seaweed extracts with rich oils from around the world, resulting in an amazing seaweed skincare range. None of the Ocean Bloom products contain parabens, SLS, silicones, sulphates, petrochemicals, mineral oils or any other nasties and they have no plastic beads.

We got in touch with Ocean Bloom to see how suitable their products would be for treating and soothing the skincare needs of someone going through cancer treatment or post cancer treatment. Leila from the Ocean Bloom team immediately came back to us and recommended the following top three products from the range.

Seaweed Bath – Currently on sale, €12.80
Leila’s top recommendation was the Seaweed Bath pouch. She described it as a gentle treatment with exceptional moisturising and soothing properties, great for relieving dry/burnt skin after chemo or radiotherapy. It is a muslin seaweed bag which you place in the bath and cover with hot water. You leave the seaweed soaking in the hot water to re-hydrate before making your bath up to your required temperature. Then it is ready for you to relax in for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. You can use the muslin seaweed bag to exfoliate your body and there is also an additional bag of Atlantic sea salt provided if you would like to use your Seaweed Bath pouch for a consecutive night. When finished, the muslin bag can be opened and the seaweed put onto your garden as fertiliser. Leila did caution, however, that these pouches are not suitable for anyone with an overactive thyroid.

Seaweed and Stem Cell Moisturiser – Currently on sale, €28.40
The Seaweed and Stem Cell Moisturiser was Leila’s second recommendation. Leila has psoriatic arthritis and uses this on her cheeks which get very sore and inflamed. Light in texture, the moisturiser uses plant stem cells to stimulate the growth of our own stem cells, regenerating skin for a more youthful appearance. It is anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, regenerating, rejuvenating, anti-bacterial and includes a natural SPF value of 25. Read some of the amazing reviews left by others on the Ocean Bloom website about this product in particular, here.

Seaweed and Poppy Seed Facial Wash – Currently on sale, €13.20
Leila’s recommendation for a facial wash was the Seaweed and Poppy Seed Facial Wash. Fragrance free, it is suitable for very sensitive skin, yet powerful enough to remove make-up, pollutants and daily grime. The wild Atlantic seaweed serum in the facial wash offers ultra hydration, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits and is packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It also contains organic coconut oil to moisturise deeply and organic avocado oil, boasting huge anti-inflammatory benefits to help sooth breakouts and damaged skin. We’ll be going for this one as soon as our current facial wash runs out. It sounds wonderful.

The Ocean Bloom range also includes a Seaweed Balm (only €4) for treating dry skin and also a Seaweed and Whipped Shea Hand and Body Butter which is also fragrance free so again can be used on very sensitive skin, as well as other products.

If you’re looking to switch your skincare to natural alternatives, we think Ocean Bloom is a great place to start. Why not treat yourself?

Ocean Bloom are currently running a great sale on their website, 20% off everything and free delivery if you spend over €55. Visit their website here.


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