New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year everyone.

We wish you all an abundance of health and happiness this year.

We all know that New Year is a time for goal-setting and resolutions. Have you been thinking of any for yourself? Maybe you’d like to make some changes to your eating habits, do more exercise or change your mindset? Maybe it’s the right time to start your own anti-cancer plan?

We’ve got a few goals in mind here too. Would you like a peek at our lists? Here goes…


Goals we began in 2017 that we’d like to continue working on

  • Keep moving our diet towards being predominantly plant-based/whole foods
  • Keep up our dairy avoidance
  • Keep taking our daily calcium supplement and probiotic
  • Keep running! It makes us feel so good
  • Keep up our regular yoga sessions

New goals for 2018

  • Get up early – to achieve more in the day
  • Focus on taking day-to-day life at a slower pace
  • Make meditation a regular part of our day and week
  • Focus on believing in ourselves, in our abilities, in the power of the mind and the human spirit

We feel we’ve kept our goals achievable, by recognising goal achievements we made in 2017 and our desire to maintain those, as well as setting a few new goals that we feel we can build into our lives with relative ease but that will also have lasting impact. Has our list inspired you at all?


We really hope you enjoy the content we bring you here every day on Happy Magazine.

We’ve got big dreams for this website in 2018, including finding more wonderful health and wellbeing information, events and brands to share with you.

We are going to be working hard to secure regular, worthwhile advertisers and sponsors so that we will be able to grow and bring you even better content.

We will also be searching high and low for more of the best and most relevant contributors across the country to create fresh and useful posts for you that will help you live your best life.

Goals we began in 2017 that we’d like to continue working on

  • Keep bringing you quality content on a daily basis
  • Keep spreading the word about Happy Magazine across the country
  • Continue to grow our subscriber list and website statistics
  • Secure more regular, worthwhile advertisers and sponsors
  • Bring you more of the best and most relevant content contributors

New goals for 2018

  • Publish a printed edition in collaboration with a relevant partner
  • Speak at a relevant, prominent event
  • Share Happy Magazine nationwide via a TV or radio appearance
  • Create original video content for the website

…and more!

What do you think? Think we’ll get there? We think anything is possible. Sieze the day, ladies and gentlemen, make those lists, make those changes and create your most wonderful year.

From Happy Magazine HQ


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