Life Factory Glass Water Bottles

Staying hydrated while going through cancer is very important. It will help your body flush toxins out and your cells regenerate. It will also help you feel generally better and more energised. If you’re going through chemotherapy it is recommended that you drink two litres of water throughout the day and this is a daily rule I have adopted since my own cancer journey.

I carry a water bottle around everywhere now. Around the house, to the shops, in the car, on a walk, to my yoga classes – everywhere. I don’t leave home without it and when I’m at home, I’m constantly bringing it from room to room as I move through the day and to bed with me at night.

During an Urban Retreat at Life Cleanse in Dublin 2, I found out about the Life Factory glass water bottles from our lovely host on the day, Maria. They are available in a couple of different sizes and with a variety of cap options.

I have the turquoise one above in the 650ml size with the flip cap (one of my Christmas presents) and also a navy one in the smaller 475ml size (a birthday present) and I love them both. They keep my water fresh-tasting and cool and the silicone covering makes the bottle strong and easy to grip.

The flip cap provides a narrow-mouth spout for on-the-go drinking. The medical-grade silicone flip top seals with a polypropylene cap. The pivoting handle provides a great way to carry the bottle and stows out of the way while drinking.

Here are the specs of this bottle from the Life Factory website:

  • Offers a pure taste with no leaching from plastics or metals
  • Wide-mouth access makes it easy to add ice cubes, citrus slices or tea bags
  • Protective silicone sleeve provides a non-slip gripping surface and helps prevent breakage
  • Dishwasher safe (place cap on top rack/no need to remove silicone sleeve)
  • Includes polypropylene (PP#5) cap; flip top made of silicone
  • All components made in the U.S. or Europe
  • Product assembled in the U.S.
  • All materials are FDA approved
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free
  • 650ml (22 oz)

If we have inspired you to switch to a glass water bottle, or if you just want to start the habit of drinking more water every day, these bottles are available to buy for around £25 from, click here.


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