How Health IS Happiness and other tips from The Happy Pear

We loved The Happy Pear‘s speech about Recipes for Happiness at Fresh Resolutions last weekend. The twins bounced on stage full of energy and warmth and their talk was inspiring and motivational. Here’s the best bits of what they had to share…

Do As Much As You Can Of What You Love

Dave and Steve’s main message was about doing what you love, as much of it as possible and how this is the real ‘food’ of life. They talked about finding ways to merge what you love with your day job, and if this wasn’t possible, to ensure you made time for what you love to do in your life.

Oxygen Is Our Primary Fuel. Exercise!

Their next tip was about exercise. They talked about the fact that as humans, our primary fuel is not food or water, but oxygen, and how important it is that we get out into the sunlight and move, every day if possible, and doing whatever is right for you. They talked about their ‘swimrise’ initiative to get people out in the early morning in Greystones for a dip in the sea and a view of the sunrise.

Support Is So Important

Dave and Steve talked a lot about support and having someone to talk to, bounce ideas off and share a problem with. They said they owed so much to each other for being there for one another and stressed the importance of having that friend or family member to share a problem with.

Get Involved In Your Community

Next up the twins talked quite a bit about the idea of community, and becoming a part of your local area. They talked about their free porridge initiative and how it helped grow their business through connecting with their local community.

Health Is Happiness

Dave and Steve went on to talk about the importance of health and how health is happiness. They urged us all to eat more whole foods – fruit, veg, beans, seeds and nuts. And of course the lads have plenty of delicious recipes on their website and YouTube channel to help you do this!

Be Kind To Yourself

Finally the lads’ last message was about being kind to yourself – realising that you are human and not trying to be everything to everyone but rather about being true to yourself and being happy – whatever that means for you.

And that’s it – the Happy Pear’s recipe for happiness! What do you think of it? How many of these tips are you incorporating into your own life right now, or how many of them can you add?

The lads have a new cookbook coming out soon, also titled Recipes For Happiness, and they’re super proud of it. It’s available to pre-order now from Easons here.


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