My personal story – in the Independent this week

There is much excitement here at Happy Magazine HQ this week since my personal story with breast cancer was featured in the Irish Independent’s Health & Wellbeing section on Sunday. 

While it’s been scary putting myself and my family ‘out there’ and sharing my story which still feels very raw, it’s all been with one goal in mind – sharing Happy Magazine as wide and far across the country as I can.

If you’re interested in why I’m doing Happy Magazine, or what I’ve changed in my life since having cancer, please do read my article here and share it with anyone who you think would like to see it.

Here’s the bit about Happy Magazine:

“In July this year I started a daily positivity website called Happy Magazine for people going through cancer in Ireland. It was the tool that I longed for at the start of my cancer journey – something to tell me HOW to be happy with cancer. Because it doesn’t come easily, once you’ve heard those words.”

“You think your life is over. Now I think in my case, it had only just begun. I’ve found my true purposes now and very little of the trappings of my old life remain.”

“Although there are lots of amazing support centres across the country doing excellent work, I wanted to start something that was there for someone on a cancer journey every single day. In their homes, in the chemo ward, in their hands – on their phone, tablet or computer.”

“Something to let them know they aren’t doing this alone, that there are others out there every day looking for that little lift to get them going. That is what Happy Magazine is all about.”

“I used to think I was healthy and happy. But now I know the true meaning of those words. It’s taken cancer for me. I don’t want this to be the reason for anyone else to wake up and really see how their lives are going. How their health is going.”

“I’m now that relative that tells all of my family to take care of themselves, take a probiotic, quit their job if it doesn’t make them happy. Life is too short and we’ve got to make things count. Today.”

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