Great websites: Live Better With Cancer

We recently came across the UK’s Live Better With Cancer website and we think it’s great. It’s full of details of over 1,500 products recommended by people going through cancer as well as other useful information.

You can search for and buy online specialised products by your need, e.g. Skin Things, Feeling Sick, Eating Well, Post Surgery, Mouth Trouble, etc.

The website also has a fantastic Expert Guides section with information on tackling the top cancer side effects, for example bowel issues, trouble sleeping, doing exercise and more.

There’s also a Community Tips section, a Blog, Podcasts as well as a Service Directory and a Community Offers page. The Community Offers page is currently UK- and US-focused, but we think it’s a fantastic idea and will be bringing you something similar here on Happy Magazine over the coming months.

You can also search for appropriate gifts for people going through cancer or bundles of gifts.

Visit the Live Better With Cancer website here.


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