A Chemo Gift Package

We all know someone going through cancer. It’s an unfortunate truth of our time. It’s very hard to imagine what it’s like to go through cancer until you are doing it yourself or going through it with a close family member or friend.

Small and thoughtful gifts can help. Let the person know that you’re thinking of them and rooting for them. We guarantee it will brighten their day, wherever they are on their cancer journey.

Recently we put together a small gift package for a friend who we heard had recently been diagnosed. We don’t know the person quite well enough to visit their home, but we could get a gift to them. Here’s what we put in it.

A bottle of good quality cordial – Encourage your friend to drink lots of water as they go through treatment. It will help them to flush out toxins and help them feel well during treatment.

Healthy treats – Posh Bits by Naked are lovely date, fruit and nut ‘chocolates’ that make a healthy but delicious treat, perfect with a cup of green tea. 

Luxury cookies – For that not-so-healthy treat that might be just what the doctor ordered to get your friend eating.

A great granola – For sprinkling on top of porridge or yogurt. It will make their breakfast that little bit more tasty and filling.

Protein flapjacks – An on-the-go, nutritious snack that they can bring with them on hospital visits/chemo days in case they get hungry. 

We stuck on little post-it notes just to let them know we were thinking of them and their journey and included a card with our well wishes for a very speedy recovery. Other ideas of things to include in a gift package could be a book or magazine you think they’d enjoy, a puzzle book (for hospital appointments), a water bottle, natural skincare products or a natural hand sanitiser.

We hope this has given you a few ideas. Don’t forget the best thing of all you can give is your time. Go see your friend or family member, don’t worry about what to say or not to say, just go be with them and listen to them. If they’re currently going through chemo, give them (and their carers) a night off cooking by bringing them a tasty home-cooked meal. They will be thinking of you long after you’ve left.

We found all the above goodies in our local Tesco.

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