7 more things to bring with you to chemo

So a little while ago we shared 7 things to bring with you to chemo. Today we want to share a few more small things we think you should add to your chemo bag to make the day as comfortable for you as possible.


…for your smart phone. So you can listen to some motivational speaking like this or this while you are waiting around the hospital. If you’re bringing a friend, get yourself one of these earphone splitters (and another set of earphones) so you can listen together.

A powerbank

The last thing you want is a flat phone while you’re in chemo. It’s great to have your phone with you to call or text a friend, make arrangements for the rest of your day, listen to music or watch videos. Having a powerbank and mini charging cable in your bag will ensure no interruptions to your plans.

A packet of tissues

You never know when you’re going to need a good tissue. An essential.

A packet of wet wipes

For germs. Keep your hands scrupulously clean while in and around the hospital. We carry wet wipes in our chemo bag – and clean our hands every chance we get. Avoid bringing home any unwanted germs.

Dr Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitiser

As above – do whatever you can to protect yourself from picking up any bugs in the hospital. Your immune system will be compromised during chemo – make sure you stay germ-free with a natural pocket hand sanitiser like this one from Dr Bronner’s.

A magazine

…or other reading material. Chemo can be a loooong day. Keep yourself entertained by spiriting away to another place in a good book or between the pages of a magazine. Don’t forget we are here for you on your phone or iPad every single day with new content relevant for the cancer journey – bookmark us on your phone – here’s how for iPhones.

Something special

Bring along that special photo from beside your bed at home… A jingly charm bracelet or a keepsake or given to you by a friend. Even if it’s just knowing it’s in your bag or maybe hold it in your hand during chemo… It may be just the thing you need to keep you strong and brave through the day.

Is there anything else you’d add to your chemo bag? Let us know – holly@happymagazine.ie


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