SynerChi Kombucha – live probiotics and super antioxidants

We’ve been enjoying SynerChi Kombucha for a little while now – live probiotics and super antioxidants that are dairy-free and taste good too? Yes please! Not to mention all the other great benefits for your body. Check out SynerChi’s video below. We buy ours in Supervalu from the Food Academy section.

We’re crazy about probiotics here at Happy Mag HQ, we think they’re so beneficial for the body, especially after chemotherapy.

Here’s a little bit more about probiotics from probiotic supplement company OptiBac:

What do probiotics do?

Probiotics support digestive health by producing specific enzymes needed in the digestion of food and aiding the break down of foods substances. Probiotics also improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream, and even produce B complex vitamins and vitamin K.

Probiotics support immunity by stimulating the body’s natural defences, and by lining the intestines with a protective layer of friendly bacteria that bars pathogenic substances in the gut from harming the body. As two-thirds of the body’s immune system is managed in the gut, it may be important to keep one’s probiotic levels high.

We hope you might think about including a regular probiotic into your daily routine as part of your Anti-Cancer Plan, perhaps something from the OptiBac range and supplement it now and then with a refreshing SynerChi Kombucha.

You can find out more about SynerChi on their website here or their Facebook page here and more about OptiBac here or on their Facebook page here.


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