A heartwarming read for the festive season

Here at Happy Magazine we’ve just finished reading a lovely, Christmassy book and we want tell you all about it. It’s The Christmas Secret by Karen Swan. We bought it during a quick trip to Easons recently and really enjoyed reading a little bit of it every night before bed. Completely free of the “C” word, it’s pure escapism to the snowy hills and valleys of a Scottish isle and into a heart-warming story. Here’s the synopsis from the back cover…

Set on the beautiful island of Islay, The Christmas Secret is a gripping story filled with emotion from Karen Swan, author of Christmas Under the Stars.

Alex Hyde is the leaders’ leader. An executive coach par excellence, she’s the person the Great and the Good turn to when the pressure gets too much; she can change the way they think, how they operate, she can turn around the very fortunes of their companies.

Her waiting list is months long, but even she can’t turn down the unorthodox but highly lucrative crisis call that comes her way a few weeks before Christmas, regarding the troublesome – and troubled – head of an esteemed whisky company in Scotland: Lochlan Farquhar, CEO of Kentallen Distilleries, is a maverick, an enigma and a renegade, and Alex needs to get inside his head before he brings the company to its knees.

It should be business as usual. She can do this in her sleep. Only, when she gets to the remote island of Islay, with the winter snows falling, Alex finds herself out of her comfort zone. For once, she’s not in control – Lochlan, though darkly charismatic, is unpredictable and destructive, her usual methods gaining no traction with him – and with Christmas and her deadline fast approaching, she must win his trust and find a way to close on this deal.

But as she pulls ever closer to him, boundaries become blurred, loyalties loosen and Alex finds herself faced with an impossible choice as she realises nothing and no-one is as they first seemed.

We think it’s the perfect bedtime read for the next couple of weeks…

RRP €9.99. Find it in your local bookstore or buy it online from Easons here.


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