Make your own muesli

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day, the break from the fast the night before. Making your own muesli can take all the hassle out of wondering what to have for breakfast and wondering what is in your breakfast.

And it’s easy. Try the following formula, which we found on the Bon Appétit website:

Rolled Grains + Dried Fruits + Nuts and Seeds + Seasoning

Start with a ratio of four parts grain + one part dried fruit + one part nuts/seeds 

Make sure you go for rolled grains and not quick-cooking (which are ultra-processed) and when you get more adventurous, mix up more than one type of grain to get the right balance of nutty, sweet and chewy as you like it.

When it comes to your fruits and nuts, remember this – too many nuts and your muesli will be too crunchy, too much fruit and your muesli will be too sweet and chewy.

With this formula in mind, we’re going to make ours as follows:

4 cups organic rolled oats + 1 cup chopped dried fruit mix + 1 cup chopped nuts and seed mix + a pinch of salt, cinnamon and nutmeg

In our dried fruit mix: Apple, sultanas, apricots and goji berries

In our nuts and seed mix: Sunflower seeds, milled flaxseed, almond slivers and coconut flakes

The combinations are endless… Just combine your favourite ingredients.

Bon Appétit recommends toasting the nut and seed mix and letting it cool before adding to your muesli mix as toasting brings out the nuts’ oils and will make them more tasty.

Once you’ve got your muesli all mixed up in a large bowl, store it in an airtight container. Your muesli will keep for 1-2 months.

When you’re ready for breakfast, add fresh fruit and your milk of choice.

For more on making your own muesli, check out Bon Appétit’s article here.

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