Time for you: Eire Rocks and How To Paint Beautiful Mandalas

We just love Eire Rocks on Facebook – a group dedicated to painting beach rocks and pebbles and leaving them in public places for someone else to find, just to spread a little bit of joy.

Here’s how it all works – from the Eire Rocks Facebook page:

We are making a bit of magic with painted or decorated rocks for you to take with you, share and spread the goodwill and creativity.

Pebble art is all about fun, whatever age you are, whether you are an artist or not, anyone can draw or paint a picture. Take one with you on your travels and share a bit of Ireland. If you want your rock to be mentioned on here when it’s found, write Eire Rocks on the back and draw a little Facebook icon (an F in a square). You can add your first name and a date if you like. I will put find/photo/FB/Ireland Rocks/keep/or hide again on mine on the back.

If you find a decorated rock, take a photo, share it with us here on this group, then either keep it (and maybe hide one of your own creations), or place it in another public location. It can be in plain sight or hidden.

We love the tutorials on how to paint beautiful rocks like the ones above.

We think this would make a fabulous new hobby if you are creative-minded and looking for something to while away a few hours. We think once you’ve watched this video, you’ll be hooked!

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