The Oncofocus Test

Here at Happy Magazine we try to focus on all things positive for the cancer journey. This can be anything from a tasty recipe to a motivational video or a great new product which we think might be helpful. We try to steer clear of any heavy medical information as we feel that there is quite enough of that in front of anyone currently going through cancer and anyway, we are not qualified to be making those sorts of recommendations. Today we are making a bit of an exception to our daily content to tell you about a company called Oncologica and the reason we are doing this is we feel the information is too good not to share, in case it could be helpful for you or a friend or family member.

Oncologica is a UK company now offering a genetic cancer test in Ireland. Called Oncofocus, the company say that it takes the “guesswork” out of deciding what treatment will be most effective for a cancer patient. It allows doctors to match an individual patient’s cancer with “targeted therapies” – modern drugs that work in a different way to conventional chemotherapy by going after the cancer cells’ inner workings.

The Irish Independent ran a short piece on it earlier this year and we think it’s worth re-sharing, you can read it here, or to find out more about the test, visit the Oncologica website, here.

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