Great websites: Simple Green Smoothies

When we find a really great website that’s helpful for a cancer journey, we want to share it with you. We came across Simple Green Smoothies recently, and it’s just great. It’s more than just green smoothies too.

So why do we love it? Well, green veggies are rocket fuel for a fight against cancer, and this website is full of delicious recipes to help you get more greens into your day.

Digestion Boost Green Smoothie with MCT Oil

As well as loads of easy green smoothie recipes, there are also plant-based green meal recipes, really useful free downloads like a 7 days of green smoothies guidebook or a three-day autumn meal plan and then there is their paid content – recipe and meal plans for summer and autumn and plans for re-booting your diet or a plant-powered cleanse.

We also love their page on superfoods and why you should be adding them to your smoothies.

They also have a book and an app too for your smartphone.

Simple Hot Chocolate – The Healthy Way

We love all their content – the recipes look delicious and have inspired us to get in the kitchen. With the weather turning a bit colder we were thrilled to find their healthy hot chocolate recipe above, hooray! We are also fascinated with website-owner Jen’s recipe for natural deodorant and know we will definitely be making her natural cold and flu remedy this winter too.

We hope you will check out the site and that you will love it too!

Visit the Simple Green Smoothies website (if you haven’t already) here.

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