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So yesterday we had the distinct pleasure of a super fresh salad from Sprout & Co in Avoca’s new Dunboyne, Co. Meath store. We’re perhaps a little behind the curve on Sprout & Co – they are already in another four locations in Dublin – but better late than never, we say! And so we thought we’d share a little bit about them here today, in case you hadn’t heard about them either, too!

Sprout & Co are all about delicious salads using super fresh seasonal produce. We love their ethos of having all their ingredients on show – so you can see just how fresh everything really is. They change their menu every three months, ensuring what they have to offer is the best of the season at all times.

We had the Super Guacabowle salad – guacamole, roasted butternut squash, carrot, red cabbage, quinoa, pomegranate, apple, toasted seeds, feta and French dressing – and it was fabulous. Super fresh, tasty and plentiful – a huge bowl to satisfy the hungriest of appetites. Click the photo above to see it in full size and read all the other tastiness on the menu…

We’re thrilled to be able to add them to our list of suitable places to eat out while on a cancer journey. This is healthy eating at it’s easiest.

For more information about Sprout & Co, visit their website here or even better, visit them at one of their locations, find them all here.

Photos by Holly Kennedy.

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