Olly’s Farm Raw Honey

Honey has some great health benefits, for example, it’s full of polyphenols – powerful disease-fighting antioxidants – but it’s raw honey that you want and not the clear, processed stuff.

Raw honey is a good natural substitute for refined sugar, so if you’re putting sugar in your tea or commercial honey in your smoothies, why not try replacing both with a raw honey substitute?

Olly’s Farm Dublin Honey is a local raw honey and it’s available now to buy in some SuperValu stores in the Food Academy section or direct from Olly’s Farm. The jars pictured above contain Lucan Spring Honey from Olly’s bees near St Edmondsbury Hospital in Lucan and Olly’s Glenasmole Soft Set Honey. Olly’s honeys are not processed or pasteurised in any way – the honey is simply extracted from the bee hive frames and cold filtered, which means it is passed through a coarse filter to remove large particles such as wax capping or propolis.

For more information on Olly’s Farm Raw Honey, click here.

For more information on the health benefits of raw honey vs. processed honey, click here.

Olly’s Farm Honey is €6.95 in SuperValu.

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