Alchemy Juice Co.

Food, glorious food. After a cancer diagnosis, food often becomes something to be scrutinised. Is this ham processed? How much sugar is in this juice? And, where can I still eat out that’s actually healthy?

Wherever you are with your anti-cancer diet, we think you’ll want to know about a special café in Dublin’s City Centre called Alchemy Juice Co. It’s been designed to appeal to all food “religions” or as least as many as they feel are relevant in today’s world. Veggie, vegan, coeliac, ketogenic, dairy free, sugar free, Paleo, low-carb… you are bound to find something your stomach can worship.

Alchemy’s juices are cold pressed, raw and unpasteurised. They are not made in centrifugal juicers that heat up and oxidize the juice, potentially destroying the goodness. They are bottled and pressed, six days a week. The flavours and combinations have been carefully selected by their nutritional experts. The juices have body, no pulp and are pure. They are not subjected to HPP (High Pressure Pasteurisation) and are not frozen.

Alchemy do more than just juices, too. They also do smoothies, breakfast, soups, lunch boxes, treats, tea and coffee. You can check out their full menu here. We think you’ll be glad you did.

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